Valentina Recao

Meet Valentina, a Multi-Platform Beauty Influencer Graduated from Boston. She is the Founder of Valonthelook. 

Valentina Besired a Brand that reflected her Bold and Bubbly Personality, We applied a Pink and Red Color Palette to Manifest her Feminin and Strong Character.

For The Brand Design, We Combined Strong Make-up Brush Strokes in a Classic Red Color, Use Black, White and Grey for a Timeless approach and Used Flowers and Plants to Symbolize Growth. Lastly, We Implemented Marble to add a Touch of Luxury.


Valentina Recao





Brand Identity

Product Design


Valentina Recao



Digital Point Read my Mind Design-Wise, They Developed a Stunning Logo and a Product Line that Exceeded my Expectations. They Made my Vision come to Life with their Easy to Follow Creative Process. I Definitively can See a Long-Term Partnership with Them.

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