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4 Instagram Tips to Grow your Page

1. Comment on other accounts before uploading a post

  • Make sure to comment on your niche: Commenting on your niche & adjacent niches increase the value of your comments, maximizes your time, and effort. By commenting on a post related to your content you're creating an opportunity for people interested in the same topics to find your account and engage with it.

  • Write comments that add value: Comments of value are more likely to convert Instagram users into a loyal community member, these members transform into a long-term engagement for your page and increase chances of conversion. By adding comments of value you're motivating people to connect with you, share your account, and add comments of value on your posts. The Instagram latest feature allows users to "pin" up to 3 comments. Learn more about pinning comments here.

  • The 20/20 rule: comment for at least 20 minutes before uploading a post and for 20 minutes after. This trick maximizes engagement and increases actions taken on your account.

2. Activate push notifications for accounts of interest

  • You will be between the first to interact: by doing so, the desired account and their followers are more prone to notice your feed.

  • You can learn and get inspired by their content:  By adding push notifications to accounts you love, you won't miss their posts and can later use them as an inspiration to create new content. Make sure to develop new information from that inspiration and respect creative property by properly tagging the account if the content is too similar.

  • You will have a better chance of other accounts following you: by engaging with the account, other followers in the niche will be exposed to your comments, therefore you're maximizing your exposure, and increasing your chances of your account being found and followed by fellow users in your niche.

how to activate push notifications on instagram for instagram growth

3. Edit your profile bio, instead of your name, write what you do

  • Increases exposure: by having a keyword of what you offer, you increase the chances of reaching people interested in your product or services.

  • Reach potential clients: by having your services on your name you're facilitating the search process on Instagram by incrementing your exposure when a client researches your field/product, therefore, giving opportunities to create connections with potential clients. Learn more about optimizing your bio here.

4.Use Stories

  • 30 Minutes after posting: create a story of your post, this action will redirect users to your feed and maximize actions taken into your post. 

  • On other people's feed: most times this will happen organically, but if you're just starting, you can ask close friends or fellow community members to feature your post on their stories.

In conclusion, the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, and in order to succeed on this platform is imperative that we adapt to it. By writing valuable comments on your niche's posts, using push notifications to your advantage, optimizing your bio, and with the use of stories you can grow your Instagram and stay on top of their algorithm.

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